Our signature Intensive Legal English Program focuses on legal practice and classroom comprehension and communication for incoming students.

I love that it's a four week program that invites you to learn such legal English before you start your law school. And its cost is pretty much covered by another scholarship.

If you already received 10 years or 12 years of education back home, but you still need one or two months to get used to the language environment here because, most of the time, what you learned in your home country is, I should say, the English is very different from the American English.

In the I lab, instructors will be telling you if you are faced with a 10 or even 40 page cases, the decision, how you can boil it down into all the facts you need to learn, and also, they will be preparing you for the Socratic method, that is, being comfortable to be cold caught.

I feel Washington University is really inclusive for international students. It has great location, and it has a great faculty and great resources.

St. Louis is pretty much famous a famous city among the United States that if you are willing to go sightseeing after class, you can go to the arch, and there's a lot of art museums, history museums that are pretty much free for you to go. And also there is a lot of good food for you to enjoy and a lot of events if you are paying attention to what's going on in this city.