Degree vs. Certificate

Choose what level of specialization fits your career goals.

So students come to us with a very unique career path and interests for specifically what they want to do. So some students might come, for example, and say they want to come to the United States and only study intellectual property law. We have a whole LLM degree in Intellectual Property. All your courses will be tailored around that, the full 24 credits will be in that substantive area. But sometimes, people want to explore that area, but also have a variety of courses they want to take. So you would take a portion of those courses, and you would have a certificate in that specialty.

So within a general LLM, you're going to be able to accomplish different goals and learn about different areas that may not be related. But you may also use part of your credits within a specific area and obtain a certificate in that area. So that said, you can graduate, for example, from an LLM with a certificate in IP and Technology law or an LLM with a certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

This allows the students to specialize and be able to focus their studies on areas likeInternational Law.

And then also get a certificate in Business Law or Intellectual Property or Dispute Resolution or several other topics.