Two-Year LLM

Designed for students with strong academic and professional achievements who would benefit from stronger English language proficiency.

Students of the Two-Year LLM program have the unique opportunity of not only increasing their legal English skills during a whole year, but also having access to a lot of different possibilities that the law school offers them, as well as for the JD and one year LLM students, but also having access to other areas of law within the second semester, just before entering that second year, which is going to be 100% law. What happens in the Two-Year LLM program is that the first year is mainly focused in increasing those skills for international students. Not only in legal writing, but also legal reading, legal speaking areas, while starting to get an introduction to different areas of law.

The Two-Year LLM program definitely helped me a lot. Two years ago, actually, it's 15 months ago, I cannot speak English fluently, I should say, full sentences without any grammar mistakes. But now I feel I'm very confident to talk to people here. The school provides key programs for the LLM students, in which case, they hire mostly two or three our JD students with some other LLM students which have no clue how to study the specific subjects, and it's very beneficial. They have their insights, and they have their strategies and learning materials to help us.