Degree Overview

As an LLM student you can pursue a Certificate in one of four specialty areas.  A Certificate is optional and requires 9 credit hours in the specialty area as part of a 24-credit LLM requirement. Students may earn both the LLM and a Certificate in one academic year.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Business and Corporate Law

International Law

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Trying to decide on a full degree in a specialty or a Certificate? Watch this

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Here at the Law School, we have several graduate degree programs. First we have our LLM programs, and the LLM programs are designed for foreign-trained lawyers. But we also have a few concentrations. The first, we have one in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. And beyond the LLM degrees, we have also a degree for non-lawyers. We have the Master of Legal Studies. And this degree is designed for professionals or for folks who do not have a law degree but want a legal education that would apply to their own professional lives.

Whether your plan is to study your LLM program with the purpose of taking one of the bar exams in the United States, or whether your plan is to add a degree that will enhance your knowledge in international law or in US law, WashU has to offer you the options always of going as deep as you want within different areas of knowledge. So within a general LLM, you're going to be able to accomplish different goals and learn about different areas that may not be related. But you may also use part of your credits within a specific area and obtain a certificate in that area. But also that really shows a lawyering skill that is acquired deeply here at Washington University in St. Louis. That is why either the LLM in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution or the LLM with a concentration or a certificate becomes so handy whenever you want to make it in the international world.

So you know, I actually didn't know if I wanted to be a lawyer. Right out of undergraduate, didn't know what to do. I decided to take the LSAT, and I'm now about to graduate in May. And looking back in hindsight of my experience, I don't think I would have done it any differently. And I absolutely am pleased with the decision that I have made, never feeling abandoned. Always feeling that you have a great team. They are great professors, great staff to help you all the way.