Education Outside the Classroom

Participate in competitions, student organizations, and experiential opportunities.

There are lots of opportunities here at WashU Law. You've got lots of competitions going around, if it's the moot court competition, if it's client counseling competitions that happen here at WashU, and even national competitions, like the mediation competition, which I'm taking part in. The mediation team is an eight student team comprised from both JD American students and international students like me. We practice how to negotiate, how to work in a collaborative manner, and eventually go and compete against other law schools across the state and implement what we've learned as mediators and negotiators.

I've did the client counseling competition last semester. It was totally fun for me. I learned a lot from the feedback the real judges gave us. He was telling me what's my strength, what's my weakness, what part I should polish more, because that is my very first experience in client counseling. It was really helpful for me.

I think it's very important to participate in at least one student organization. If you participate in a student organization, you will have plenty of chances to meet new students, some JD students, other LLM students. Also, there will be some opportunities to meet people from other programs.

As a mom of three kids, I thought that I was not going to be able to do anything else than being a mom. When I talked with the professors, and they were, "Well, don't worry, review the program. Review what you need. We'll help you with the schedules." And the teachers were awesome. They were all super super.